Book Review: 'I Know What You Bid Last Summer' by Sherry Harris

Kensington Books 

This is my first time reading a book by Sherry Harris, which means that this is the first book I've read of the "Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery" series. I started "I Know What You Bid Last Summer" during the afternoon and finished it that night. There were many reasons why I read it so fast, one was I wanted to know who the killer was and second was I loved Sarah Winston. 

 You can really feel Sarah Winston's pain and see her growth in the book. The pain is from her husband CJ leaving her. Though don't get it wrong, Sarah doesn't stop her life because of it. 

I must admit that I was surprised at how complex the plot turned out to be and I would have never guessed who the killer was. The mob connections, the pacing of the story, and the twist and turns made "I Know What You Bid Last Summer" a first-rate cozy. 

Basically, you have Sarah Winston who works in the Garage Sale business. She helps people set them up, which gives her the gig for setting up the athletic equipment swap at the local school. The night before the swap things get nasty and the day of the swap, things get even nastier when the superintendent is found dead. Sarah is targeted by the murderer too. She also is asked by one of the school board members to help clear their name. It's a pretty interesting story that also deals with school sports concussions.

So if you think that Garage Sales are boring, you just don't live where Sarah does! I also loved the tips and recipe that was shared. 

From having read this book, I will be looking into the others before and after "I Know What You Bid Last Summer."