Book Review: 'Lethal Licorice' by Amanda Flower

Note: Advance Reader's Edition from Kensington Books 

Kensington Books 

"Lethal Licorice" was released last month on Feb. 27th. The book is part of Amanda Flower's "An Amish Candy Shop Mystery" series. The first one was "Assaulted Caramel," which the Abstract had also published a review of that book when it first came out. Anyway, as enjoyable as "Assaulted Caramel" was, "Lethal Licorice" was even better. 

Bailey King (the main character) decides to stay in Harvest, Ohio and take over her Amish grandparent's candy shop Swissmen Sweets. Her grandfather has recently died, so she wants to honor his memory by entering the annual Amish Confectionery Competition. Of course, not everyone is happy with it, seeing that she's an "Englischer." 

One certain lady named Josephine Weaver is especially not happy with her. She doesn't get to complain too long because she dies from a licorice allergy. Bailey is determined to find Weaver's killer since her name is on the suspect list (she has a knack for getting caught up in murders). 

Amanda Flower's attention to detail is what I really admire while reading her books. Her descriptions of even the simplest situations of everyday life are interesting. Though Harvest, Ohio is anything but a simple place with the townspeople not as perfect as they are made out to be. Bailey (like the readers) learn that not all small towns are quiet or that welcoming.

Honestly, if you didn't read the first book, you could read this one first. Only because Flower gives enough backstory on past details. Though if you do end up reading this one first, do go back to "Assaulted on Caramel" and read it! You'll get a chance to meet Bailey's grandfather.

Another note is that both books are great for those who love candy and autumn. In this book, there is a black licorice recipe included.