Country Recording Artist Elyse Saunders believes that music heals and releases new single, 'ME TOO'

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Elyse Saunders 

Country singer Elyse Saunders released a new single called "ME TOO." As more stories from the media surface daily and awareness from the #metoo movement continues to grow, “ME TOO” is non-biased to gender, race or age and is ultimately for anyone with a personal struggle and a fear to share their story.

Saunders believes in the healing power of music and knew it was a topic she wanted to help shed a light on. She shared more about the song:
When my co-writers and I sat down in a little BMI writing room in Nashville, we didn’t know we were going to create this song. We planned to write a totally different song that day but after talking about some of the shocking #metoo stories coming from the news and our own stories, ‘ME TOO’ seemed to write itself. As soon as we finished, we knew this was a special one and I’m really proud of it. My main purpose for this release is to get the video out to as many people as we can. It covers a topic of conversation that needs to be continued to be talked about and I hope that ‘ME TOO’ can bring more awareness and make a difference for at least one person who hears it. I want them to know that they’re not alone. 
"ME TOO" was written in December. Saunders personally financed the recording, mastering of the track, the music video, and the digital release. The music video was released on Feb. 13 and so far the song continues to expand organically with over 24,000 views.

So here's the music video for "ME TOO:"

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