Director Michael Williams talks about his horror thriller 'The Atoning' with Samera Entertainment

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Director Michael Williams on set 

Michael Williams' new film "The Atoning" is pure nightmare fuel and is something that doesn't leave the mind long after the final epic conclusion. He recently talked with Samera Entertainment's Nocturnal Newz. You can read it here.  

"The Atoning" is led by a stellar cast that includes Virginia Newcomb, Cannon Bosarge, and Michael LaCour. It's about a family that is being haunted by ghosts. Williams shared this about his film:
One of my driving forces with filmmaking is to create experiences you can't have in real life. This film does that and more!
"The Atoning" is distributed by Gravitas Ventures. It's currently available on Amazon, iTunes, DVD/Blu-ray, Redbox, Hulu, and all other VOD and cable/satellite. Check out the creepy extended trailer: