'Thy Father's Chair,' a vérité documentary focused on Orthodox Jewish twins, becomes available on VOD on March 30

Source: Indiestrat/No Permits Produktions 

 No Permits Produktions

After its critically acclaimed theatrical runs in  New York, Los Angeles, and other key markets nationwide, Antonio Tibaldi and Alex Lora's "Thy Father's Chair" is set to become available on key VOD platforms (iTunes, Amazon, and Kanopy) on March 30, 2018. The film is being released by No Permits Produktions in the United States.

"Thy Father's Chair" is about Abraham and Shraga, Orthodox Jewish twins who live a secluded existence in their inherited Brooklyn home. Since the death of their parents, they have stopped throwing away anything, hosting stray cats, and accumulating all sorts of stuff.

The upstairs tenants threaten to stop paying them rent unless they proceed with a radical cleaning of their apartment. This situation force Abraham and Shrago to open their doors to a specialized cleaning company. But little by little, the relationship with the head of the cleaning company begins to deepen–and by painfully separating from most of their belongings, Abraham and Shraga discover a path to a new life.

Here's a trailer for "Thy Father's Chair:"

Thy Father's Chair - Trailer from Antonio Tibaldi on Vimeo.

Co-directors Antonio Tibaldi and Alex Lora were influenced by the cinema of vérité masters Frederick Wiseman and Albert and David Maysles. This is Tibaldi and Lora's fourth collaboration. Their previous films are " [S]comparse," "Odysseus Gambit," and "Godka Cirka."