Achieved Games LLC announces its mobile game ICEE Maker

Source: Newswire/Achieved Games 

ICEE Company 

Mobile games creator Achieved Games announced today (April 3) that they are planning a May release of ICEE Maker, a freemium maker game on Apple, Android, and Amazon app stores.

Players will be able to pick a flavor, and even layer flavors in the cup using the ICEE machine in the game. They can also create their own flavors, using any color of their choice, and give it a name they choose.

While the game is for kids from ages 2 to 9, anyone can play it. Players will be able to play for free at the most basic level. If they want to unlock all aspects of the game, their parents can make an in-app purchase for everything available in the game. Of course, kids should have their parents’ permission to make any in-app purchases.

Brett Russell, the founder, and CEO of Achieved Games shared this about the new game and ICEE branding:
Every time a kid is playing and enjoying the ICEE maker game, it’s good brand recognition. When they go to the movie theater and see the ICEE machine back behind the counter, they’re probably going to think, “Oh, I love ICEE."
Russell has worked with The ICEE Company in the past to create games with ICEE branding.