Here are 13 superstitions about the Number 13

Sources: "Superstitions" By Diagram Group and "Kentucky Superstitions" by Daniel Lindsey Thomas, and Lucy Blayney Thomas. 

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Since tomorrow is Friday the 13th, it would be a good time to look at the superstitious number 13. So get out your lucky horseshoe and throw some salt over your shoulder, because we are going into some "superstitious" territory! 

1. It's bad luck to buy a car with the number 13 in the license plate. 
2. Ships won't sail on Friday the 13th. 
3. Many hotels believe it's unlucky to have a 13th floor. 
4. Wear odd shoes for good luck on Friday the 13th. 
5. It's unlucky to travel on Monday, Friday, and the 13th day of the month. 
6. If 13 people are sitting at the table, the first person to stand up will die next year. 
7. Those born on the 13th of the Month will die before they are 30-years-old. 
8. Count 13 stars for 13 days and on the 13th night, the person that you dream of will be your husband or wife.  
9. Eggs that hens lay on Friday the 13th will decay. 
10. If one is born the 13th day of the month, then 13 is their lucky number. 
11. If 13 people sit at the table, the youngest one will die. 
12. A clock that strikes 13 prophesies death. 
13. If the number 13 faces you that means you'll never get married. 

Would you like to share some superstitions in the comments? Feel free to share them and also feel free to share what you would be doing on Friday the 13th!