Book Review: 'Cooking Price-Wise' by Vincent Price

Source: NetGalley 

Dover/Calla Publication 

I have been a Vincent Price fan since my mother sat me down to watch "House on Haunted Hill." I have seen all his movies and I own many of them. Though this review isn't about any of his movies, it's about his cookbook. Price, as most hardcore fans know, was a noted gourmet. 

This cookbook "Cooking Price-Wise" is Price's favorite recipes that are based on the Thames Television series he hosted. It was first published in 1971. So this new special expanded edition was released in October 2017. It features new contributions from the author's children, including a Preface by his daughter, Victoria, and a Foreword by his son, V.B.

There is also an extensive bonus section, "The Culinary Legacy of the Price Family," which includes baking recipes from Vincent's grandfather, the inventor of baking powder.

Not only is this book a must for Vincent Price fans (because why wouldn't you want to own a cookbook by him?) but it's also for the hardcore foodie too. There are plenty of recipes from all over the world. So there is a lot of variety throughout the book, which is always a plus for any cookbook!

You'll enjoy that Dover Publications (Calla Editions) reprinted it and that the family added to it. "Cooking Price-Wise" is just retro fun for the kitchen.