Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen launches a new luxury bag company

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Rick Allen 

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen has recently launched his new luxury bag company BonSac.

In 1978, Allen joined the band and quickly became an integral member, co-writing some of their most well-known hits. Early on, he overcame the amputation of his left arm following a tragic accident. Upon returning to the band, fans affectionately nicknamed him the "Thunder God" after hearing a style of drumming that remains iconic to this day.

Now today Rick Allen is a philanthropist, artist, and owner of a luxury bag company. His company consists of a partnership with Lars Tetens. They introduced their first unisex bag under the BonSac name. Their partnership represents years of relentless collaboration in pursuit of an heirloom-quality classic-style bag that will hold the test of time.

Rick Allen shared this thought:
In my world of rock and roll, with so many artists choosing compassion over conventional fashion, style with conscience is the future.
The Tetens & Allens BonSac brand of bags are available now through Amazon. The full collection will follow in late 2018. The bags are completely animal-free using a combination of materials such as Kevlar, soft industrial upholstery fabric and waxed cotton.

Currently, Rick Allen is touring with Def Leppard.