Q&A with the owners of the dating website DateBritishGuys.com

Source: Email Interview 

The King & Queen of DateBritishGuys.com

Yesterday I wrote about how the dating website DateBritishGuys.com transformed their website just in time for the Royal Wedding. If you missed the article you can read it here.  Anyway, I also got the chance to send the owners of the company Ben & Becca Elman questions about the business as well about their thoughts about the upcoming Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

DateBritishGuys.com is the leading international dating website for British men for Amerian women.

So here's the Q&A:

1. What makes Date British Guys different from other online dating sites (besides it being a niche)? 
Ben: DBG is all about connecting Brits with Americans. Without planning it this way our website creates a lot more romance than other dating sites because you can’t just meet someone tonight. You have to get to know them over mail, Skype, and then you finally meet when one person takes a vacation in the other’s country. You aren’t going to do that unless you are really sure because of the cost, so 9 times out of 10 our members are pretty serious by the time they travel.

The second difference is that we verify our male members to be British. They send us their drivers license or passport for proof. We also have a human review every photo.

2. I recently wrote an article about how you revamped your site, so what was the one main reason for the revamp? 
Our old site was like an old Volvo. It got you from A to B. The new site was necessary for design and functionality reasons and is the prelude for our app which we expect next year. It was designed for mobile phones which is the fundamental difference from the previous site. It’s not an app yet, but it delivers everything you need right on your phone.

3. Do you have advice for first-time users on creating their dating profile? 
Profile photos are first impressions, so make sure yours has a clear view of your face, and that you are presented in your best clothes. Perhaps a photo from a wedding you attended. On the new DBG site, you also have the ability to upload an audio clip for others to listen to. This is a great way to set you apart because members can search for people that have an audio clip. Hearing someone’s voice transcends text in a description box. It also helps that the men have cute British accents women can listen to. Lastly, similar to dating apps you have to hotlist everyone you are interested in, and then once you match you can chat (and not before).

4 Since the Royal Wedding is this weekend will you be watching the wedding and if so, will it be a viewing party or just a quiet event?  
We threw a big party for the last royal wedding with William and Kate in New York. The biggest issue was that people from all over the US wanted to attend and although Becca and I live in NYC the website really is nation-wide. So this time we are going to celebrate as a family in front of the tv like so many other families around the world. These two people are important because they represent so much hope and good, and of course, their marriage is a symbol of that “special US/UK relationship”. My mum will be here and Becca is expecting a boy in a couple of months so it will be a family affair.

5. What marriage advice would you give the Royal Couple (and your members who found true love)? 
It’s hard to give advice because every couple is different. Becca and I have some habits that have been good to us and this year is our 10th year of marriage. Firstly like many couples, we try to avoid going to sleep angry with one another, which can be difficult and sometimes involves me keeping Becca up until 2am until she finally is willing to give me a kiss goodnight. We thank one another for doing a chore even if it is the 10,000th time they have done it. We don’t take each other for granted. We also have a general rule that when the bad times outweigh the good times we will reassess the marriage. That last part might sound unromantic but it keeps us both on our toes and makes us appreciate every moment.

So I would like to thank them again for the interview as well as congrats on the new baby boy coming soon!!

Once again if you are interested in checking out the dating site, you can click here.