The dating website transformed their website in time for the Royal Wedding

Source: Newswire 


Even the dating site Date British Guys has Royal Wedding Fever, the leading international dating website for British men for Amerian women, launched their new and updated website today with a mobile-first design.

The website is owned by Love Becca LLC and was started by Ben Elman (who is British) and his American wife Becca. It has over 45,000 members who are looking for love overseas.

Anyway, the new is boasting a modern design and a very fast user interface. So this means that the website will be much easier for members to use.

Ben shared this about the new launch:
Becca and I are both super excited for the launch of the new website! We have spent the past year researching and improving the design and functionality and are confident users will enjoy the improved experience, which will lead to more matching and eventually more romance. We are so glad we could get this finished in time for the Royal Wedding.
What's also new is a new matching system that helps people to connect with others members who are actually interested in them.

Also for a limited time period, members can get a 3-day trial of premium membership for just $1, so for those who are looking can find their own Prince Harry and Meghan Markle relationship.